Energy audit

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Why do customers choose VNGASE?

  • VNGASE has a team of experienced consultants and technicians who have been operating for more than 8 years in the field of energy saving.
  • VNGASE is committed to consulting practical energy saving solutions, suitable for the specific operation and energy consumption of buildings, production facilities, etc.
  • VNGASE provides free support for customers performing energy audits:
    Prepare annual and 5-year annual reports on energy efficiency plans and update them on website: throughout the period after performing the energy audit.
    Training and certification for 1-2 Energy Managers. Certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Implementation process

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Currently on the market, there are a number of consulting units implementing energy audit programs at low cost, with sketchy reports, of a coping nature to submit reports to the local Department of Industry and Trade. This does not bring energy and cost savings benefits to the investor, and at the same time loses the meaning of the energy audit program and the Law on Economical & Efficient Use of Energy.
From the first day of establishment and participating in consulting and implementing energy audit program, VNGASE has built a professional implementation process and a team of highly trained auditors. We are committed to proposing the most practical energy-saving solutions, bringing economic benefits to the investor. The energy audit report of VNGASE has been highly appreciated by many local Departments of Industry and Trade for its quality and method.