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Providing genuine solar grid connected inverter products, compact size, light weight, easy installation, operation and cost savings.

Huawei inverters

Fuse – Free design (Fuse automatic protection) for absolute safety
Huawei’s SUN2000 solar inverter products have made remarkable strides in achieving outstanding reliability and safety, with 1 MPPT for every 2 PV Strings (PV Strings), even in the case 1 PV string is faulty, the short circuit current will not damage the inverter because it has Fuse – Free.
IP65 design standard for adaptability to all environmental conditions
Global supplier of smart solar power equipment; Huawei has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in intelligent technology design, research and application. Huawei SUN2000 solar inverters are fully protected from external influences, achieving IP65 protection with high environmental adaptability. Huawei’s solar inverters can be used in wet, hoarfrost, desert and any other extreme environments.

Multi – MPPT (Built in multiple universal chargers) for higher productivity
We can easily find it on Huawei FusionSolar website ( Or in the specification documents, Huawei SUN2000 solar inverters. Built-in 2 – 6 MPPT brings high conversion efficiency and more safety for the whole system.
Huawei inverters – Easy system management and maintenance
Huawei SUN2000 solar inverters; configured with 0.5% high accuracy sensors at every input of the PV string; for real-time monitoring and monitoring of current and voltage. Fully automatic management and optimization. In addition, the Huawei Inverter is capable of self-diagnosing faults and providing suggestions for effective system maintenance.

Sungrow inverter

1/ Optimizing output
Lower starting voltage and wider MPPT voltage
Compatible with high capacity panels
Built-in PID loss recovery function
2/ Smart management

Smart IV Curve
24/7 live monitoring
Wireless software update
3/ Safe and durable

Quick circuit break due to arc fault
Built-in level II surge protection for both DC and AC
High corrosion resistance at C5 . level
4/ User-friendly

Compact design
Unique push-in connector
Quick and easy operation through the app